Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Happy Birthday MOM!!!!!

I cant believe how well she is has been 2 months since the transplant, and she is doing great.  Her spirits are up, she is gaining strength, and best of all she is 100% oxygen free.   What a miracle.  I know this time last year was a completely different story, we hadnt fully gotten out of her what exactly was going on with her body, but we all could see the change in her.   Still crazy to me, and mom i apologize for calling you out that day!!   

The weather in SLC is crazy hot...i know its up around 100 + degrees...ugh..tooo warm for me.   Mom and dad had to purchase a new fifth wheel due to the "green" issue.  The fermaldehyde they use is a big issue when the trailer heats up due to temperature.  Even though they run the AC and try their hardest to keep it cooled down, it doesnt work.  They walk into it and it smell so bad they have to air it out for a while before entering...and moms dr. doesn't like that idea. (understandably so).  SO...they took a significant loss on their other one and purchased a non-green fifth wheel. 

The fundraiser is still going on until the 15th, so lets all try and round up orders and help us out.  The 15# box of bakers are $15.00 and the 10# bag of bakers are $10.00.  (Bakers=not tiny store bought potatoes).   The proceedes of this fundraiser goes toward their living expenses and medical bills and now the monetary loss of the fifth wheel.  I appreciate everything everyone has done. 

BIG Thanks to Richard and Joyce Warner for their donation.....Thank you
Another thank you to JHGC and especially Lori Girton for the donation bucket.. We really appreciate it.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Independence Day.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Well medically she is doing wonderfully!!!  Her performance is at 70%, volume is 86%, and so far there is no declines.   Her sats are all good too.   She still struggles with the nerve that runs to her stomach, but its getting better.   She also has "the shakes" a little from her meds, but that was to be expected.  

Now for the UGH!!  They found out that their Fifth Wheel (which they just bought last year) is made with "green" products.  Which for most that is good, why not recycle.  But for mom that is BAD!!!  Doc said that they have to either get a new one or find somewhere else to live.   Well most of you know rent in SLC is not cheap.  So the only option is trading their fifth wheel in and get a new non-green one.  Lets just hope they have paid it down enough to not be upside down in it.  
AND for the other UGH!  The RV Resort they are staying at raised their rate.   They had a medical rate which was wonderful, but the good times are over.  The owner said the rate was for short term, not long term sooo they doubled what they were paying.  
They can pay this, I dont want it to seem like they are poor, but it just seems like for every good there is a bad.   And while she did get one hell of a break, I was just hoping for it to go smooth for them while they were there. 
Soooo, while mom isnt strong enough yet to go camper shopping, dad is out and about trying to find the perfect one for them, and when he feels he has done so, she will check it out too.   She is getting stronger day by day...and cant wait until she can do all of the things she loves again.

I also wanted to mention the Potato Fundraiser:  I know I have asked for donations before, but I figured that atleast this way you would get something for your money :).  
We dont want to seem needy or anything,  but as you all know, ANYTHING helps.  And right now any way I can take the stress or burden off them....I WILL!    I appreciate everything that everyone has done....truly from the bottom of my heart....THANK YOU!!!!!!
this was mom at Joes Crab Shack

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Officially 1 Month Out (plus a few days)

Well i haven't updated blog for a week because I wasn't sure what exactly to say.  A few people have asked how she looks, but i haven't seen her since she was getting out of the hospital.  BUT- Braedon and I decided to rent one of the cabins and come down for a night to visit for Fathers Day.  And let me tell you, she is doing AWESOME.  She looks really good.  She still is a little weak, but getting stronger.
Medically:  Other than a nerve intestinal healing issue (basically when they opened her up, they had to move all the nerves and intestines over to get to the lungs, and it takes a while to get those working properly again), she is right on track (actually ahead of schedule).  She does Physical Therapy 3 times a week, Clinic/Doctor visits once a week, Blood work/Meds once a week (unless meds need adjusted).  She still has to do her temp, weight, blood pressure every morning and night, but that is it.  WOW not too bad for what type of surgery she had.  Another amazing thing is: She had to do her 1 month rejection biopsy:  They put a tube down her nose and looked at both lungs with a scope type thing, then put the biopsy pincher thing on and took little nips of different areas of both lungs (I apologize for not knowing the correct terms).....and guess what..........NO REJECTION at all!!!!!!!!   wooooohoooo
 I still can't wrap my head around the fact that it is even possible to do that invasive of a surgery.

If it wasn't for the wonderful person that agreed to be a donor, I don't know how much longer my mom would be here.  That is hard for me to fathom, and I can't express my gratitude for them and their family.  I feel sorrow for them, but thankful at the same time.   I hope the family received some peace knowing what their loved one did for sooo many people.

Dad went golfing today and Braedon, Mom and I are just hanging out and visiting.  We are going to try and do a "take 2" on the Joe's Crab Shack idea.  We told her "please no more episodes, or Braedon will cry because he really wants Crab".  HAHA   (If you don't know the story, we were at Joe's getting ready to order when "the call" came in).

I have to personally thank a couple more people:
Bob and JoAnne Eustice (Gail's aunt and uncle):  Thank you for the wonderful donation.  I received a couple cards from JoAnne and it was wonderful to hear from her.  I remember her from when I was a little girl.   Thank you SO much.
Sondra and Leonard Hinckley (Golf course friends):  Thank you sooo much.  My mom is overwhelmed with the thought that are are such wonderful people out there and can't begin to express her gratitude. Thanks for the donation.

And thanks to everyone for asking about her, it truly means alot.  And PLEASE keep saying a prayer for her.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

A BIG Thank You!!

Well its been a few days since I have updated this...I apologize for that, but I dont want to seem redundant.   Mom goes a few times a week for therapy, blood work twice a week, and doctor once a week (down from twice a week..yay).  When she goes in for the blood work they adjust her meds accordingly. They did adjust one of her rejection meds, which made her weak and shakey, but they will find the right "cocktail" in due time.  As far as the doctor visits, she used to go twice a week, but since she is doing soo well she gets to go once a week.  She is still leaps and bounds above where they thought she would be.  We are soo very proud of her. 
She still is on no oxygen, and infact they took the tanks out of the fifth wheel.  She hated packing those things around, infact she would say the hose was her leash.  No more leash mom!!

They have had a bit of company lately: 
Thomas (oldest grandson) dropped in for a surprise visit this last weekend. 
Alicia (oldest daughter from Washington) came with her family on Monday.  This was the first time mom and dad had met her husband (Jeff), and they have nothing but wonderful things to say about him. They brought 3 little ones, and Alicia's second oldest boy Dillon.  I wish the weather was a little warmer for them.  They will be heading home on Friday. 
Uncle Mike (Dads brother) and Aunt Jeanne came Wednesday for a few days.  Its been a few years since they have seen them.  I know they went out to dinner last night, I sure hope they had fun.  Maybe Mike can sneak dad out and go golfing or something. 
Derek (Son), Sheena, and kids are going to be there on Friday and staying until Monday.  I hope the weather warms up some so they can enjoy the pool.  Evan and Skylar really had fun swimming there a few weeks ago.  
We are trying to stagger visits so that they dont get bombarded with all of us at the same time. It costs quite a bit to go down there and stay or we would be there more often. 

I would like to thank everyone for following the blog and sending prayers our way.. I know the power of prayer works and I know in my heart that it worked again. 

I also would like to thank a few people individually:
JHGC (with the help of Jeff/Lori Girton) - Thank you ALL for you loving donation.  You have been great friends to our family for some time now and we love you all.
Richard Caummisar - Thank you sooo much for the donation. I dont know you personally, but mom does, and she thanks you immensely.
Carol Eustice - I know you are related to us, but just because of the last name. I would love to meet you.  My family is very grateful for your donation as well.
Craig Leatham- I am soo grateful to know you.  And I know mom and dad feel the same way.  Thank you for your donation and support.  So blessed to have friends like you.
Christy Smith - You are a wonderful person.  I wish you all the happiness, and cant wait for you to get back to the states!  Thank you soo much for your donation for aunt gail. 

Thanks again for all the support!! 

P.S.  A few people have asked for their address to send cards, here it is:
Dan and Gail Brown
P.O. Box 16403
Salt Lake City, UT  84116-0403

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Home away from home

Well mom was discharged on Saturday (1 day short of 2 weeks).  They brought in the suitcase (lol) of pills she is going to have to take, holy moly its alot.  Dad has to do her blood pressure, weight and temperature a few times daily. The Transplant Pharmicist gave him all the info he needs to give her the meds, and what exactly they are and will do.  Let me tell you this, they have a lonnnnng road ahead of them. Her potassium was a little high and her sodium was low, so they were working on that.  She slept super good in her own bed though.  Sunday, Melissa and Juan drove down for the day and hung out..I know mom really wanted her hair washed, so I bet that was nice.  On Monday, after not feeling very well, they decided to take her back up to the hospital, where they did the necessary tests and sent her back home.  On Tuesday she went to her scheduled clinical work and they discovered that she was 3 liters low on fluid.  So after they did the IV she felt alot better.  She went for PT on Wednesday, and that was a little hard for her due to the lack of muscle mass.  BUT she is still off oxygen and her sats are staying in the mid 90's....super awesome.  But everyday she is getting stronger and stronger.  She is eating better, in fact Dad told me last night that she had steak..  LUCKY MOM
  Alicia (and family) will be coming from Washington on Monday (I believe) and staying for a few days, that will be wonderful. Mom and Dad havent seen her for a few years and have never met her husband and a few of the kids. Uncle Mike and Aunt Jeanne are coming on Friday the 8th and staying a couple days.  And  Derek, Sheena, and kids will be going back down the 8th - 11th  for a visit too.  So it will be nice to have help for dad.  Not that he needs help, but some additional people to visit with.  (I hope I worded that right). Thanks again for all the support you all have given. 

Prayers were definately answered.

P.S.  I dont like begging, so please dont take it that way, but the Paypal Donate button is still up for any donations to help with living and medical expenses.  .

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Came to see mom

Well hello everyone. I came down to see mom last night and she looks amazing. I havent seen her since right after. She was up and walking (not alot mind you), was soo nice to see! She goes to workout and doesnt need O2, her stats stay at 94-96! Right now they are trying to figure out the right med combo...her sugars are a little high and her potassium is up. So they are working on that. They say she might get discharged today (crossing my fingers). She is tired of bein there! I willl keep you updated on that status!!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Update :)

I decided to wait a couple days in between I am sorry if you were expecting one yesterday.  They did a bronc scope today to check for infection and they said it looked great. She is still off O2 most of the time (unless like this morning when she was mildly sedated).  She sounded great on the phone tonight, good spirits, and silly!  She is trying to eat high protein foods to build up some energy.  Her one big complaint is her head is itchy..she cant shower until they take the monitors off (maybe tomorrow) and she said those "stupid shower caps dont cut it".  I asked when she thought she would leave the hospital and she said that they had said "maybe a couple days".  WOW.  Dad said that they were going to take her tubes out today (forgot to ask about that).  I also asked her if it felt different to breath, her response "its hard to explain, its like learning to take normal breaths again, and breath the correct way instead of short fast breaths" but in the end she said yes.   I find modern medicine truly poor mom didnt think she would make it to christmas, and now she has a whole new look on life.   What a blessing for all of us, especially her and dad.  
Dad...he is having a hard time adjusting to this new life..he isnt sleeping so well. (Understandably so).  I hope he finds some peace when she gets out, and is able to relax a little more. And not have to run up to the hospital and back and so on.   But I do know that he would not change this for the world...
Ok well I guess thats it for today...I will keep you posted...

P.S. I just wanted to remind everyone of the donate button on the right side of the blog, if you can, we appreciate it.  If you cant, we understand... Thanks